closing-slim-bannerBasic In-Ground Swimming Pool Winterization

  • Includes winterizing the pool pump and filter system
  • Removal of hand rails, ladders, wall jets and skimmer baskets
  • Flush water out of underground suction and return pipes with compressed air
  • Install winter plugs on all skimmers, return lines, cleaner lines
  • Includes 2 gallons of high grade Winter algaecide added to the pool

Price – $189.95

Winter Cover Options

mesh coverCover pool with mesh safety cover – $85

These covers are manufactured by such companies as Loop-Loc, Meyco, Merlin, McEwen Industries, etc. They are made of green or blue mesh material and are custom manufactured to fit the contours of the pool. The mesh material allows water to drain through the cover during the Winter months. It also allows for sunlight to enter the pool so chemical testing and treatment is necessary in the early Spring to keep the pool water from turning green. These covers are held in place by stainless steel springs attached to brass deck anchors that are permanently installed in the pool’s deck. The cover is usually stored in a large mesh bag made of the same material as the cover.  Price includes opening all of the brass deck anchors around the pool and installing the cover.




bag coverCover pool with solid cover with water bags – $85

These pool covers are made from a woven polyethylene material. They resemble a large over sized tarp and are held in place by vinyl water bags. These covers are great for keeping out leaves and debris over the Winter and will keep the water fairly clean for the Spring. They also keep sunlight from entering the pool which prevents algae from growing providing there are no holes, tears or rips in the cover.  It is a good idea to keep the cover pumped off and clean during the Fall and early Winter months.  Price includes filling one row of water bags, covering the pool and then laying the water bags on top of the cover around the perimeter. Replacement water bags are not included in the price and can be provided for $6.95 each.


solid cover

 Cover pool with custom fit solid pool cover – $125

These top of the line pool covers are manufactured by such companies as Anchor, Loop-Loc, Meyco, and Merlin. They are made of heavy duty solid polyethylene material and are custom made to fit the contours of the pool. They are held in place by rubber bungie cord style straps or stainless steel springs attached to brass deck anchors that are permanently installed in the pool’s deck. Some solid safety covers have a mesh drain screen in the center of the cover to allow rain water to drain. Covers without a drain must be pumped off whenever possible to prevent the weight of the rain water from damaging it. These covers are usually stored in a large mesh bag that allows the cover to drain and properly dry while in storage. Price includes opening all of the brass deck anchors around the pool and installing the cover.


  Other Pool Winterization Services



 Winterize attached spa (Jacuzzi) – add $35

This service is for pools that have an attached spa that is built into your in-ground pool. They are found on most high end pools built by Anthony Sylvan, B&B Pools, Carlton Pools and Monogram Pools. They are mainly a feature of in-ground plaster and concrete pools.




new heater

Winterize pool heater – add $35

Atlantis Pool Service will winterize your pool’s heater for an additional $35.




new leaf

Remove leaves from pool floor – $60 per hour

This optional fee can be avoided by scooping all of the leaves out of the pool before we arrive to winterize it.

Here is the leaf net we recommend: Pro Grade 18″ Inch Pool Leaf Net.



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Pool closing check list

  • For pools with ceramic tile, please lower the water level 2″ below the bottom
    edge of the tile.
  • We need access to the Winter pool cover. It would be helpful if the cover is
    placed on the pool deck before we arrive.
  • We need all the winterization plugs. We can supply Winter plugs for an additional fee.
  • We need a working garden hose available so we can fill the water bags for the cover.
  • Please keep the main power turned on to the sub panel near the pool’s filter
    system so we have a working electrical outlet for our air compressor.
  • Make sure all leaves are removed from the pool’s floor to avoid any additional
    charges for leaf removal.