Summer Maintenance Programs

All maintenance plans are offered between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


pool-cleaning banner Chemical Check Only – $75 per visit (does not include chemicals)

In-Ground Swimming Pool Chem Check Service Includes:
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly visit to check and maintain your pool chemistry
  • Test and adjust salt levels – for customers who have pools with chlorine generators
  • Empty the pool skimmer baskets
  • Empty the pool pump strainer basket if necessary
  • Backwash the pool filter when necessary
  • Empty the automatic pool cleaner if necessary
  • Chemicals are not included in the price but can be provided
  • Vacuuming the pool is not included



Vacuum pool floor and skim surface – add $20 per visit
We supply chemicals – add an average $30 to $50 per visit depending on the size of your pool
We can supply all the chemicals to maintain your pool’s water balance and clarity including
  • High quality chlorine tablets
  • 3 different types of high grade chlorine shock
  • Pro strength algaecide
  • PH Up
  • PH Down
  • Alkalinity adjusters
  • Nitrate removers
  • Natural enzymes to dissolve body oils
  • Calcium Hardness adjusters

vac banner 

Please Note:

These maintenance programs are intended for pools that have been properly opened and have an operational filter system. The pool water must be cleaned and balanced before the maintenance program can start. These programs are not for initial clean up, pools with existing algae problems, summer storm cleanup or any cleaning services that go beyond the normal basic cleaning services.

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